Black and Gold




I wore this yesterday to run errands... I'm sorry for the spotty posts but to be quite honest it seems like it will be like this until the end of the month. I'm currently handling a million things at once, all so that I can be sure to have a steady routine starting February.



There are 10 more days until my Birthday and I haven't even started planning that... It's sad because anyone who knows me knows how crazy I go for my birthday (I LOVE BIRTHDAYS!), but I've been super duper swamped with apartment hunting so here's hoping I find one by the end of the week so that I can be FREE!



I promise to have more frequent posts come february as I will be taking advantage of my mother being in town to go furniture shopping at all our favorite antique stores and furniture stores...



I've been finding every excuse to wear this jacket and the boyfriend keeps calling me out on it... But it's so much fun It looks great with EVERYTHING.


My best friend says I look like a bird... so every time I'm around her I flap my wings, I guess they are both in alliance!

Through all this madness I've really been trying my best to be diligent with TWITTER so be sure to follow me and check out where I am and what I'm doing (which is mostly eating). Thanks you guys for your patience... February is going to be great... once I get through this month!

Jacket: Zara + Jeans: Zara + Shirt: ASOS + Necklace: Mercedes Salazar + Sunnies: Persol (Steve McQueen limited edition)



Ashleigh Nicole said...

Love it!

xo Ashleigh

Afrikan Princess said...

leather and a furry jacket is a always a great combo.

Fly fly away birdie !

TeshaMarie said...

This coat and this outfit is EVERYTHING! lol, you always have the best outfit posts. I adore your blog. I also awarded your blog on my site at