Ça fait un bail: LONDON TOWN

As most of you know I am currently residing in London. I touched down about a month ago and am just getting my self acclimated... I won't lie the weather in the beginning had me indoors... It's funny how I'm not used to cold weather and before the end of last year had only seen snow once, yet now I am living in perpetual winter... It was winter when I left Miami (which I will NEVER complain about ever again!) then I was stuck in Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa during winter (only getting a minor break when I traveled to Uganda and Mozambique) and returned to the US only to be living in New York , Chicago and Indiana during a winter vortex from hell. I arrived in London just as it was warming up in the US but still freezing here. Back to good ol' London town... It's been kinda difficult for me as I plan on staying here for a while and wanted to get used to not driving although the transportation system here is quite great. I have had to start all over as far as finding the right barber (which does make a difference) a place for my nails, having only gone to one nail guy in Miami for years... oh how I miss him! As well as searching high and low for an eyebrow threading place which I'm scared to experiment with... Blogging has been utterly difficult for me as I have been living out of my suitcase, I've been too occupied with making decisions I haven't had a chance to enjoy a real shopping day and have felt quite uninspired... I've been traveling for almost a year now and I miss my bed (which is in storage along with the rest of my life). As I get older I'm reminding myself that I want memories more than I want to accumulate material things, I'm not at the point financially where I can shop incessantly and still travel as much I want to and I'm okay with that because I know it will come. Right now I want to make new friends and have more experiences before I decide where I want to reside. Although I've left a life back in Miami and many beautiful friends, I can say all my frustrations don't hold a candle to the many experiences I've had this past year, for that I'm grateful. I pinkie promise I will make more efforts in My blogging and have been so sad without it, thank you to all the loyal readers out there I'm sending you super hugs and kisses!
Back to the interesting shit....

Today was an amazing day... These past few days have been great as far as weather is concerned. I got a bit sad when I saw how sunny it was and realized I wasn't a 15 min drive to the beach.

I wore all white today as I felt renewed by the sunlight. 

Through all ups and downs remind yourself of your many triumphs, as that will be the motivation you need to keep moving forward. 

Shirt Dress: Benetton + Skirt: ASOS (old) + Sunnies: Karen Walker + Necklaces: F21 and ChafaGovha Designs + Shoes: Charlotte Olympia + Silver Clutch (not seen): Vintage

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